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Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Irrigation, GoN and Mott MacDonald Ltd UK for collaborative implementation of a CDKN / DFID funded research entailed: “Framework for increasing the resilience and effectiveness of small and medium scale irrigation systems In Nepal

This MOU is signed on 31 May 2015 between the Department of Irrigation (DoI), GoN and the Mott MacDonald Ltd UK for implementation of a CDKN / DFID funded research project entitled: “Framework for increasing the resilience and effectiveness of small and medium scale irrigation systems In Nepal”.

Project background:

CDKN has appointed Mott MacDonald Ltd UK for conducting a demand-led research in support of the Department of Irrigation (DoI), Ministry of Irrigation (MoI), Government of Nepal. This research will provide the MoI with a framework for building climate resilience in small and medium-scale irrigation systems, including improving irrigation effectiveness, efficiency and equitability in the face of climate change and climate extremes. The project will have a strong component of capacity building of local researchers and practitioners.

Objectives of the research project

The overall objectives of the study are to:

  • Improve the approach and methodology for planning and delivery of efficient, effective, equitable and climate-resilient irrigation systems.
  • Assess processes, institutions and policy for irrigation development, management and resource governance.
  • Prepare a framework to increase the climate resilience and effectiveness of small and medium scale irrigation systems.
  • Ensure the framework is well understood by the relevant governing and implementing parties.

Attached is the project concept paper

Research outputs:

  • Framework document which outlines the policy, regulatory and investment options including the guiding instruments for the design, implementation and management of the small and medium scale irrigation systems to increase their resilience and effectiveness in the contest of climate change.
  • Capacity enhancement of the stakeholders for climate resilient development and management of the irrigation systems
  • Briefing papers / policy briefs outlining elements of the research for stakeholders in Nepal and interested parties in other counties.
  • At least one academic article submitted to journals on key research results of interest to the academic community.

This research project will be implemented over a period of 2 years starting from March 2015. Attached is the project implementation schedule

Implementation arrangement:

Mott MacDonald UK will implement this demand-led research project in collaboration with the Department of Irrigation. This MOU defines the roles and responsibility of both the DOI and Mott MacDonald. Farmer Managed Irrigation System Promotion Trust (FMIST), Adapt Nepal, and CERD are other local partners for implementing this project.

The Department of Irrigation (DOI) will provide followings:

  • Overall coordination for the research activities
  • Provide relevant literature and reports
  • Participate in analyzing the research finding
  • Depute one of its professionals (on intermittent basis) for participation on the management of research
  • Host workshop and seminars related to this research, and
  • Support in institutionalizing the implementation of the research findings within DOI

The Mott MacDonald will be responsible for:

  • Design, manage and implementation of the research in collaboration with DOI
  • Coordinate, guide and supervise national partners (FMIST, Adapt-Nepal, CERD)
  • Organize workshops and Seminars for sharing and disseminating of the interim and final research outputs
  • Share research outputs with DOI and incorporate the feedbacks provided
  • Design and implement capacity building activity in collaboration with DoI through integration in the research

Funding mechanism

Funds required for this research will be managed by Mot MacDonald through a separate contract with CDKN. The Department of Irrigation will have no financial liabilities in implementing this research.

Signed for Mott MacDonald, UK Signed for the DOI
Simon Howarth DDG, Surface Irrigation, Environment and Mechanical Division,
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